Kittens available soon…

Welcome to our home. We are a hobby Cattery established in 2007. We started our clouder with two munchkins. Our queen Mazie and our stud Boxie and our lovable Scottish Fold Pixie. From there we have added our Sphynx Munchie, Scottish Kilt Bryce, Bengal queen Lima, Stud Tokyo and queen Artic Freeze along with. We are always looking for new family members to add to increase our base gene pool so that we can bring to you the most beautiful kittens possible for your family to enjoy for years to come. Their health and well being is our promise to you.

Our Cattery and our Vet are our family. We treat our babies with the love and care that we bestow upon ourselves. Our kittens are always raised in our home so that when they become a part of yours, they are the most loving and sociable babies possible. We invite you to look at our family and become a part of it as we want to become a part of yours. Please remember, a kitten is a commitment to their well being for their lifetime. They become a part of the family just like anyone else and we want the best possible home for them that can be found.

We hope to hear from you soon.


06/20/19 New đŸ˜º available!

Please text me at 3368038564 to begin our conversation on them today!

(Texting first will distinguish you from the flood of robo calls we are all getting)