What we are all about…

We started our Hobby Cattery in 2007 with a solid background in cats in general. We discussed what our end goal was with our veterinarian and he was ecstatic to help us improve and refine the base genetics of our primary focus, which is to bring Munchkins and cross breeding (developing new and improved genetics) into the mainstream. Not a lot of people are familure with the breed and we enjoy providing the education to them in order for them to share our passion.

Within the Munchkin gene resides the opportunity to produce an abundance of possibilities of Munchkinesk kittens! Besides the Munchkin of course is the Scottish Kilt, munchkin but with folded ears reminiscent of the “Barn Owl” look where the ears fold forward on the brow sometimes lying almost completely flat. This makes for a wonderful and beautiful kitten. Next would come a Genetta. This kitten comes from one parent being a Bengal and the other a Munchkin. This combination makes an amazing little tiger or Jaguaresk looking kitten with all the perks of the the calm and loving nature of the Munchkin. That fabulous gene makes all the difference! With the parent being a Persian will make a adorable Napoleon. With a Sphynx it becomes a Bambino or Minskin.

The Dwelf. This is another mixed breed that not everyone is going to find as cute as we do. In fact, it’s basically a minskin mixed with an American Curl so that it has the very curled and adorable ears that this breed is known for sporting. It’s hairless and small, and it has short legs.

The Kinkalow is a munchkin and an American Curl. It’s sweet and adorable. It looks just like a munchkin cat with the added sweet feature of the curled ears that the American Curl made famous. This cat is very sweet, it’s not overly exotic looking, and it has a very sweet temperament and disposition. It’s the kind of cat that will love to spend quality time with you, and it might follow you around the house with love and the desire for attention.

They are truly a wonder of nature and nothing compares to them in size, temperment and so much more. If you are ready for a new partner in life, contact us, do your research, ask questions (questions are very very important, you should never me afraid to ask anything), please contact us!

 Funds go towards the Clouders well being and my sons future goals.

06/20/19 New 😺 available!

Please text me at 33364910019 or 3368038564 to begin our conversation on them today!

(Texting first will distinguish you from the flood of robo calls we are all getting)