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Today you have received a new friend that will brighten and excite you for many years to come! Your kitten, x, is an amazing x with plenty of spunk and personality. He was born x from the mating of x, our queen, and our sire, x. The first round of shots was purchased @ North Davidson Veterinary Hospital in Lexington, NC. These have been administered by me or my vet. Zander will need his rabies vaccine when it is time at 4 months or at a time of your vets choosing. He will have been wormed 2 times using Pyrantel Pamoate (50 mg) and he will have been given Advantage 2. We will have given one drop between the ears each month since the 4th week. Then you will provide two drops, one behind both ears at 4 months, however feel free to check with your vet for recommendations. We of course recommend getting your kitten spayed when he/she is old enough. It extends their life and makes your experience that much more enjoyable! We feed Blue Buffalo. Be aware that if you switch foods it could upset their tummy for a short while. We do not recommend soft food. We also supplement with Lysine Powder. We purchase ours from eBay as it is much cheaper this way. All our kittens are mostly litter trained by the 5th week, however be aware that the change in conditions may make them use the litter outside of the litter box for a short time and we recommend keeping them in a small space like a enclosed shower or bathroom with the litter for the first few days. If you have a multilevel home, please place a litter box on each floor that your kitten will visit so they don’t get confused or lose a litter box. It is advised that you have at least one litter box per cat if at all possible.

Kitten: x (sex) x(Breed)

Queen: x (Munchkin)

Sire: x (Bengal) x

Birth Date: x

This kitten is not registered

Total Sales Price: x

The deposit is: Half

The remainder of x is due before Shipping.

Your PayPal receipt via Paypal is your receipt.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping and insurance on purchased kitten. Proof of insurance is required prior to shipping.

A flight ready kennel of the buyer’s choice must be drop shipped to me at least one week before the shipping date. I will make any alterations that need to be done prior to shipping such as bolts and double nuts for extra protection. An appropriate water/food bowl must accompany said kennel prior to shipping. Seller will provide a toy and food and transportation to the airport or will be available at my home for a shipper of your choice to pickup said kitten to deliver to the buyer.

Proof of shipping information must be received within two weeks of the agreed upon shipping date.

*Special Consideration with this contract: (Then a kitten of choice will be shipped to me from Jenna Isaacs within a reasonable amount of time or the remainder will be paid to me via Paypal (Friend to Friend) at that time. Kitten of preference will be pick of the litter.

____ ____If circumstances should arise where the buyer can no longer care for this kitten/cat, and if the said kitten/cat must be rehomed, the Buyer is responsible for informing KittyKopShop/Steaphon DeWEESE of the name and contact information of the new owner. The reason for this is that if the new owner did breed the (CAT) that we would know and not sell a related cat to the new owner or could advise said new owner of a potential issue if they were to purchase a new addition to their home that may be a relation to the kitten/cat. Our kittens are found through out the USA, Canada and overseas.

____ ____Taking into consideration the Munchkins unique need for companionship, the Buyer agrees to provide the love, attention and affection that the munchkin kitten/cat needs and the Buyer agree to not leave the kitten/cat alone for long periods of time. A pet sitter would be a viable option.

____ ____Buyer agrees to abide by this contract and not post negative comments about KittyKopShop/Steaphon DeWEESE in any public forum and to contact and work with the Seller to discuss any issues that might arise.

____ ____Failure to adhere to the last paragraph may constitute defamation of character and be subject to legal ramifications.

____ ____All deposits and final payments are non-refundable.

It is agreed that this kitten may be bred and is being sold as a breeder to Jenna Isaacs.

Current litter: Vibrant Life Crystals. Available at Wal-mart.

Current food: Blue Buffalo

Supplement: “Lysine”. Sprinkled on the kitten’s soft food once a day.

Buyer / Seller
Initial / Initial

____ ____Under no circumstances will this kitten be sold, leased or given away to any third party including, but nit limited to any other person unless approved by the Seller, any pet store, research laboratory, breeding mill or similar facility.

____ ____ Seller reserves the right to refuse the sale of any kitten at any given time until said kitten has been placed in their new home. However, if this kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, Seller has the right to reclaim said kitten/cat and the Buyer will surrender said kitten to the Seller immediately without refund.

____ ____The Buyer will not declaw this kitten/cat. A scratching post will be provided to the kitten/cat by the Buyer in addition to regular claw trimmings or plastic sheathes that may be purchased. If declawed, the Buyers rights under the provision of this contract will be null and void, unless the Buyer has received written permission from the Seller/Breeder to declaw the kitten/cat, which would ONLY be granted in very rare circumstances.

____ ____Munchkin’s are INDOOR cats and as such require supervision by a responsible adult. If taken outside it is always a good idea to use a harness and leash.

____ ____Once the kitten leaves the possession of the Seller; the Buyer is responsible for any and all vet bills or charges incurred on said kitten.

All sales are FINAL and all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE as the kitten is out of the market place and would have been sold during this time. Any kitten or cat may have parasites such as worms, however we do worm every month on time. We are not responsible if the kitten does have parasites when leaving. Your kitten is guaranteed while in our care only. Once he/she has left our home, we of course can not guarantee he/she as they are no longer in our care. Our pets are not only our pets, but our family as well and we take very good care of them as they deserve no less! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We have never had any issues with our kittens or adults. We also offer you to email us at steaphon@yahoo.com with a note about your kitten when you get home and with your permission, we will post it to our site, or feel free to visit https://kittykopshop.wordpress.com/ and enter your own comments!

Thank you so much in advance and we wish you many years of enjoyment with your new little one!

Thank you again,

Steaphon Mark DeWEESE 3368038564 (Please text first and then we can call).

The following may be signed digitally via FB/TEXT/EMAIL and is binding. Please initial between the as well and date.

This contract is legally binding to both parties involved. It applies only to the Buyer and Seller in this transaction and is non-transferrable to other parties. All of the conditions are stated herein and signed for and by the Buyer and Seller. No agreements implied verbally or otherwise are applicable. In the event of default, the Buyer will be legally liable for any and all attorney fees and/or collection fees and all related cost necessary to resolve this matter/ it is also agreed that any legal matters pertaining to this contract will be held in the State of North Carolina, Davidson County.
Everything below must be filled out completely before receiving your kitten.

Seller: __Steaphon Mark DeWEESE__ date

Seller: Steaphon Mark DeWEESE date

Seller’s phone: 3368038564

Sellers Address: 1 King Row Thomasville N.C. 27360

Buyer, by signing you agree to all terms and conditions in this document as stated above.

Buyer: _____________________________ / /

Buyer: _____________________________

Buyers Address _______________________________________

Buyers Phone_________________________________________

Buyers Email_________________________________________

Buyers Drivers License #_______________________________

This day, date

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